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Originally Posted by Spackles94
Camera: Nice setup! What sort of camera is it, and how did you attach it? And how do you make it snap photos?
Thanks. Its the Verbatim 5 in 1... While it will shoot stills, it excels as a super light weight video camera with decent quality.

Originally Posted by thedustypagan
You'd think you'd have a considerable amount of drag due to that camera setup. Does it affect your supercubs flight, or performance in any way?
No doubt... but the Cub only flys at about 15mph anyway (my esitmate) and you really don't feel the extra drag. I still was able to ROG, climb and glide with no problems and with no obvious detriment to flight times. The camera is light and the CF rod weighs nothing...

There are a number of places where you can mount the camera, this one offered the best view of all the ones I tried... and as far as I know, no one else has done this yet. Pulling the top anti-crash sensor provided a perfect mounting spot too.

My favorite clips are the ones where you just hold one direction for as long as possible at a nice high altitude. It gives the illusion of being on a real plane.

This plane is a real workhorse though with some power to spare, even with the stock power system. I imagine it would make a good tow vehicle for gliders too.
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