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Originally Posted by STEVO
Hi Charger,

The RF only comes form the master radio no x-tal is needed in the slave radio. You may take the X-tal, battery, and antenna out of the slave radio.
Hi Steve, perhaps in USA issue TX. If the battery is disconnected/removed from computer TX issued in Australasia and Europe, results vary.
Charger "I have 2 hitec Tx's with the same crystal......." Which Hitec TX are they, some results below.

Eclipse to Eclipse - Battery must be connected in slave otherwise no screen and slave commands cannot then be matched to master nor RF when master trainer switch pulled on. However, slave must not be turned on as it powers up when buddy cord is connected and master turned on.
Eclipse to Optic 6 - Optic 6 light turns on but no screen and slave cannot then be set up to match the master. Battery must be left in Optic but do not turn slave on as slave powers up when Master switched on.
Eclipse & Optic 6 to Prism 7, Flash 4 or 5, battery must remain in slave so as to access screen and output but again do not turn slave on.
Eclipse, Optic 6 & Prism to Laser 4 & 6 or Focus 4 & 6. Laser or Focus battery may be removed - Focus battery indicator and other functions operate normally when Master TX turned on. Laser visual and audio indicators and other functions power up and operate normally when Master TX is turned on.
Flash 4 or 5 to Flash will not buddy without battery in slave and in some combinations, the slave TX must also be turned on - always remove xtal from slave in these instances.
Optic 6 to Optic 6 - Blue indicator will light up on slave without battery but no display and no output. Battery must remain connected in slave but leave slave switched off.
Prism to Prism - as above, battery must remain in slave but slave not turned on. Prism as master with Eclipse, Optic & Flash, battery required in slave but leave slave switched off.
Eclipse, Optic, Prism & Flash 5 to non computer TX - no battery required in slave but the old Focus and similar TX can not be set up to match parameters and trims many now program into their Optic and Eclipse systems such as Flapperons and/or Aileron Differential. IMO, best value slave is now an Optic 6.
Hitec - Futaba computer TX - battery must be left in slave Futaba TX but slave must not be turned on.
See also Mike Mayberry's post of 13Nov2002 to be read in conjunction with Important Information Regarding Trainer cord compatibility.
When setting up a trainer system, suggest instructor first fly and trim aircraft with the Master TX. Then ensure the student radio is adjusted so the trims and servo reversing are the same as the Master with all control surfaces remaining in same position when the Trainer Switch on Master is pulled on. i.e. trim (flight) will remain constant. If Master trim is changed in flight, student should be advised to adjust same trim so plane holds course when control transferred.
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