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Photos of the 4-n-1 stripped down to remove the RX-antenna portion.

Without the RX side of the case the 3-n-1 case is very weak so I used a piece of breadboard and hotglue to reinforce it and then covered the back with art and craft foam sheet. Foam may also dampen some of the vibration from the heli.

The black connector on the 3-n-1 (2 rows of 3) are for the -, + and signal wires that run to the AR6100 THRO and RUDD pins. Top row on 3-n-1 is Motor (THRO). Bottom row is Tail (RUDD)

You can either cut and hack up a couple of servo wires and connectors or use parts from a good electronics store. I build computers in my spare time so the hack parts are easily available. Use mult-stranded wire if you are making your own wiring as it will resist breaking from bending a lot better than solid wire.

AR6100 gets its power from the 3-n-1 through the + wires.

Lastly, servo connections. Front servo is connected to ELEV on AR6100 and back servo is connected to AILE.

Hope this is clear and helpful.

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