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But what if we were talking about a 60 size plane, not a 40? A 14 inch prop isn't to small, and a 17 isn't to big for a 60 size 3D plane. So of the two, what would be best..

In my opinion, it's all comes down to your "style" of 3D. Jeffery, your explanations are correct that the 14" prop will let you change heading with less resistance, and strain on the airframe, but you might notice the loss of airflow over your control surfaces in hover and beyond stall situations. The 17" prop will help those situations. It will help a hover due to more gyroscopic effects as well as harrier and other high alpha flight, but it will slow down those "twitchy" fast transitions. It will hinder some of the other none twitchy stuff as well.

I had a Groove V2 (not really a 3D, but stay with me) that loved to do flat spins, knife edge spin, blenders and such, until I upped the motor to something with more power, and added 2 inches to the prop diameter... It lost that spin characteristic VERY fast. Yes, it now will harrier at a higher angle, and is rock solid while doing it, it's not a hovering plane, but with the 12 inch prop, it will easily stay in a hover, but for me.. that's not what the plane is about, needless to say, I'm in process of reverting to the smaller prop.

It all comes down to preference, If you like fast transitions, and like to use your space while flying, then a smaller prop is for you, if you just want to hang on the prop, and spend all your time in high alpha doing a few waterfalls and knife edges and harrier rolls, then take the larger prop, it will help to stabilize the plane.

When I first started reading up on foamies, everyone was flying 8 inch props on 30 inch planes (give or take) I always thought a larger prop would do better, until I tried it, took full throws to turn it, but it would "hang" with the best of them.

Disclaimer: I'm in no way saying that in a 60 size 3D ship with a 14 inch prop you will not be able to hover, or with a 17 inch prop, you wont be able to make the plane pop and snap, but the tendencies will change the way the bird "feels" with the different props.
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