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Hi there all.

Are you glad to see me back? or glad to see the back of me? Recently returned from the jaws of death - well....nearly
Regarding this discussion, it is trrue that Germany forbids anyone from displaying a swastika. However, Revell [Germany] have found a way round this in their plastic kits. They simply divide the swastika in two, separate the parts on the decal sheet and Hey Presto!

Turning to the excellent video of the 190 referenced in another thread. I suspect this is the half-scale model that used to fly. I first saw it as we were entering an airfield for an Air Display in the late 60's/early 70's. It was going through its paces before the display started. I was told it was a half-scale but would not be participating in the flying section. Haven't seen it since. Has it been renovated and was it making a "maiden" flight? It certainly was not a full size plane.

I have ordered my 262 and will visit my LHS tomorrow when I will order my Butcher Bird. Still slogging away with the Ryan Hellcat. Can't start flying yet. Weather bloody awful with Force 4 - 7 winds.

BTW Mr. Lin. There was a Chinese Kite Flying display in the local park yesterday to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Took some pix but guess what???. Dork here had left the digital on feed-back mode so none turned out Sorry Mr. Lin


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