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Steve Blackmore
Steve Blackmore
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Re: Oiling a Myford S7

On 13 Jan 2003 00:52:52 -0800, (Mike
Crossfield) wrote:

>I have recently acquired an early Myford S7B with the spindle oil
>supply reservoir and drip feed sight glass built into the headstock.
>Can anyone give me some guidance as to how the drip feed should be
>set? I've tried adjusting it to keep a constant level in the sight
>glass window, but this is almost impossible (it either slowly fills up
>or slowly empties), and in any case the amount of oil used seems
>excessive - I empty the reservoir in less than an hour. On later
>machines with a wick feed the Myford manual says top up the cup twice
>a day, which can't be very much oil at all.

Mine's the wick feed version and running all day you'd be lucky to use
more than 1/2 the cup! It needs very little oil, I recently replaced
the rear bearings on mine, and there was no visible wear on the front.
Original hand scraping marks were still there.

The rear ones had a rough spot, probably from when the lathe was left
unused for several years. They were surprisingly cheap at 23.50 the
pair, delivered, by my local bearing stockist. They are standard 7205
Angular Contact Thrust bearings.

Steve Blackmore