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Re: Oiling a Myford S7

Mike Crossfield wrote:
> I have recently acquired an early Myford S7B with the spindle oil
> supply reservoir and drip feed sight glass built into the headstock.
> Can anyone give me some guidance as to how the drip feed should be
> set? I've tried adjusting it to keep a constant level in the sight
> glass window, but this is almost impossible (it either slowly fills up
> or slowly empties), and in any case the amount of oil used seems
> excessive - I empty the reservoir in less than an hour. On later
> machines with a wick feed the Myford manual says top up the cup twice
> a day, which can't be very much oil at all.
> Any advice appreciated.
> Thanks
> Mike

The sight glass is to see the oil drip, according to the Myford
manual: "the drip should be set as slow as possible, but if
prolonged high speed is undertaken, the rate may be increased."