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Re: What options to put on HPI Nitro RS4 3 Type SS

Depends on whether you're planning on racing it on a track (in that case its
not that great of a car but makes a great basher). But for regular
neighborhood bashing I'd stay away from the graphite deck. The car's
torsional rigidity is decent and people new to RC cars probably aren't good
enough drivers to notice anyway. Plus you end up loosing the convenience of
the electronics box.

For performance I like the THS pipe/header set. It makes the engine breath
better and looks great too (around ~50 dollars at Tower Hobbies). I'd also
get a better air filter such as those made by motorsaver. It not only
allows for better air flow but also requires less cleaning than the stock
filter. Next is the racing clutch for better clutch engagement and ability
to adjust stall rates.

If you really have $$ to spend go for a slide carb(~$50) and a light
aluminum flywheel (~$25-30). The carb will allow for faster and more
consistent throttle response while the flywheel really helps the engine
build rpms quickly (I'd consider them a requirement for powerful engines).

A little note to you, if you plan on getting a really nice engine to replace
the .12ss don't get too many engine upgrades. Many aftermarket engines have
different exhaust port shapes (picco), and usually slide carbs that don't
cost much more than rotary "carbbed" engines. Then again it is pretty easy
to find engines with similar configurations so just do a little research

One last thing to add to your list is a failsafe. I'd think that this
should be requirement on Nitro cars to prevent runaway or out of control
cars due to glitching or range. Will save many $$ on broken parts alone.
Get one that stops the car when the batteries are low.

The plastic brake is more than adequate for a month or 2 of use but after
that I'd go with something else. I went to the fiber brake disk but I'm
finding out that it tends to glaze over quickly. My neighbor put a
stainless rotor with separate brake pad elements on his SS.

As for aluminum parts, most stuff sold is just for looks and really just
adds more weight. If you really want aluminum parts for strength, wait
until you break a part and replace those parts with aluminum (people who are
running "high performance aluminum A arms", for example, are just kidding
themselves). If you really want high performance go for graphite parts to
replace the stock plastic parts.


"Patrick" <> wrote in message
> Hello,
> I am getting a HPI Nitro RS4 3 Type SS. Some people suggest that I need
> more than just the stock car, such as graphite deck to prevent twisting of
> the chassis. Can someone please let me know what other options are

> to get and what's the reason? Thanks.
> Patrick