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If it quacks like a duck...

walks like a duck, looks like a's most likely a duck. I smell a rat here, too.
I have made around 250 successful transactions from sources like Ebay, Ezone, RCMarket and a couple others online. NOT ONCE have I been burned. Why? Perhaps a couple of reasons, combined with a little luck. First, if the site has a feedback system, I let OTHERS tell me whether I should trust the seller or not, via their feedback on him. Second, I go by how the ad is written (gross spelling errors, hurriedly written or vague descriptions, no picture of THE ACTUAL ITEM THEY ARE SELLING vs. a vendor photo = beware), and also by what payment methods he takes. The ones who take M.O. or cash ONLY get my scam radar up. If there is a way to use my Credit Card, at least I have some protection and recourse. If I have any misgivings about the item, I email the seller first and ask if I can discuss it by phone. If he refuses, I don't buy, PERIOD. A phone call can tell you a lot about a seller. Lastly, I keep up the emails and in a couple of cases, I've made phone calls to motivate slow shippers.
I don't claim that I will never get burned with these methods, but they have kept me good so far. Generally, if a deal seems too good to be most likely is.
Let the buyer beware.

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