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You will probably see a lot of mixed opinion on this but I think you should look for gains in flight time with an increase in static thrust with the GWS P-51. As pointed out in another thread, this is a parkflyer and is not really designed to fly faster than it does stock, and in my opinion looses it's scale appearance if flown much faster than stock.

So I would look for a light brushless setup that will allow you to spin a similar sized prop (9-10") with lots of thrust. With the right selection you should gain both flight time and static thrust.

Some have had luck with the AF 010 in the GWS gearbox, and for simplicity and cost it certainly is hard to beat. I have yet to install mine, but will eventually when the stock motor begins to wear. has a nice couple of motors and there has been some encouraging reports of their perfromance in the GWS gearbox.

At any rate, I would personally look for a motor that is happy at 6-7A ON A 9-10" prop and will fit with few if any mods. This will allow you to swap in and out easily and the low current draw will let you get by with a lighter cell which only helps perfromance.

Good luck with it and let us know what you choose!

Steve M
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