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I am a member of a RC air club with the field next to a lake with the
inevitable occasional plane going in the water. Water does not at all
damage your engine, just remove only the plug and rinse/flush the engine
with fuel, and run it as soon as possible again. A nose down crash into
land is much worse with all the dirt/sand.
Would be interesting to know if an nitro engine would keep running with
a snorkel, or would the cilinder/plug cool so it would not ignite
anymore. Anyone?


Paradox wrote:
> "Dirtnap" <> wrote in message
> news:6Z6T9.6224$
>>I have used swim caps on my E-Maxx.
>>The nitro engine will be the real challenge.
>>It cant be covered up.
>>It must breathe and cool itself.
>>Just try to protect the radio.

> water would make the cooling thing easier
> I wish someone would make some kind of self sealing snorkel, so if water got
> into it it would close up the air intake before it made its way into the
> engine