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Neu's 1107H/1.5y/3.2mm

a quick video of my first flight. this motor is so powerful, you can literally not bog it, and believe it or not, after those two flights, temperature only went up 4 degrees!!

the neu motor is perhaps one of the best motors thanks to geneween (gene) who introduced me to this new motor.

motor name: Neu 1107H/1.5y/3.2mm
retail price: $129.99


1) the motor is very powerful, maintaines about a 3200rpm headspeed and drops no more than 200 under full collective about 14 degrees pitch. its a really torquey motor as when you fly, you will rarely hear your headspeed slow down.

2) the motor is extremely efficient. coming from the medusa 28-40-3400, i use to get 4 min flights using 13t pinion, 14/14 pitch and semi hard 3d. the motor came down extremely hot, way about 150F after every flight. the batteries also came down very hot as the medusa is a very high amp draw motor. with the neu motor, you have to use it to believe me, you can fly 3-5 times without increasing the motor temperature more than 5F. take this challenge to see for yourself. also, the batteries came down much cooler and this is with the same style flying and i get an increase of 2 minutes, giving me 6 min of unlimited power, cool running motor, and only warm batteries. when i had the medusa, the batteries came down hot, the neu motor let me batteries come down id say about 10 degrees cooler (actual change 9 degrees cooler). unbelievable.


1) the motor is very expensive, $140 shipped is pretty steep for a trex 450 motor, however gauging that the motor doesn't kill your batteries, gives you almost unlimited power, it may be worth it (to me it is).

2) fitting the motor is very difficult. the stock align battery tray is literally the same diameter so its a very tight fit and part of the motor sticks out of the bottom.

3) the motor is on the heavy side (well for the power it more than subtracts out).

4) the mounting plate is semi difficult to mount. everything is a very tight fit. i already had a pre drilled motor mount which i made for my medusa.

5) the thing that made me the most angry though (Steve!!!) was that the wires came from the top insead of the bottom. it took me a good hour just to figure out the best way to mount the thing. its almost like trying to mount a semi truck motor into a small compact car. its a very very tight fit and the motor wires seem to site in the right spot that is blocked by part of the frame. i was hoping for the motor wires to be alittle longer (perhaps about half inch if you mount it up there like that) or have the wires come out of the bottom.

6) requires full metal head and good blades ie> vblades. and you need to do full maintanance every 3 flights. you will gaurantee prematurely tear up your helicopter if you run it 100-100-100.

7) i think the motor only likes castle creations 45 amp esc i will determine this for sure...about $100 esc, which is pretty expensive.

more info to come, eagle tree testing and better videos.
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