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Re: fun in the snow

I have used swim caps on my E-Maxx.
The nitro engine will be the real challenge.
It cant be covered up.
It must breathe and cool itself.
Just try to protect the radio.

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> > Does anyone know of some makers of a waterproofing kit for the T-Maxx?

> > just ran my T-maxx and Clodbuster in the snow. There was so much snow

> my
> > T-maxx. I already did a waterproofing job on my Clod. I recalled back

> > the days that someone made a clod that was so waterproof that they drove

> it
> > into a pond. I was wondering if someone made a kit for the T-maxx.
> >

> I've seen someone do it and it involved using balloons to go around all

> electronics. I'm not sure what you would do with the nitro motor, since if
> you get any water in that, your done.