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If you are unsure of what rate to charge a battery at, use 1C. It's a good safe charge rate that works well for both NiMH and NiCd.

Most NiCd cells can be charged at 2C or even 3C. It depends on the quality of the cells. Good Sanyo cells can handle 2C. Transmitter and receiver packs should be limited to 1C, because they use cheaper cells with high internal resistance. They'll just get hot. Larger SubC cells can take 3C charge rates. You really have to look for anecdotal evidence regarding charge rates, or experiment yourself. Just keep an eye on the NiCds you're charging and make sure they don't start getting hot. If they get hot, you're charging them too quickly.

Current NiMH technology is safe at 1C. Larger Sub C type cells, like the 3000's, are okay at 2C, but you should keep an eye on the cells the first few times to make sure they're not getting hot. NiMH cells can also benefit from a slow "forming charge" at C/10 the first time they're charged. Slow charge, discharge, then quick charge at 1C.
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