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Originally Posted by GOK
Hmm, that is very good news. My Canon A540 came with that exact cable setup. So I might be able to hook it up to the AV TX straight away. That would solve both the still and video shooting issues. Than I would use the ebay cam. only for FPV.

Now another question

The ebay video Tx is supposed to work with 9V eithe roff th ewall or through a 9V battery. Would I be pushing it if I powered it through my 3S flight pack? (or a seperate 3s pack rather than th eheavy 9V batteries?)


A freshly charged 3S pack can supply over 12v initially. That might fry your video tx. I had an all in one unit that ran off a 9v "transistor" battery. One day I noticed that in the specs it said 5 to 9v, so I cut the leads and soldered on a servo plug. The thing ran fine plugged into an unused channel on my RC rx, which was powered by the BEC in the ESC. I've flown that way every since, without problems, despite all the warnings that you should use a separate source for your video.

I'd suggest trying it right off the BEC, but NOT right off a 3S pack unless you are prepared to replace it.

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