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Some basics of FPV for a beginner?!

Iíve been flying RC planes (only electric) for about two years now and have been flying AP exclusively for close to a year. I have never used a downlink and have always used two servos to turn on and off my Canon A540 and to trigger the shutter button.

Now I am looking at stepping into FPV. I have ordered a downlink system from e-bay Itís the below setup.

I am aware that it is not the best setup and it is ebay, but my current intention is to use it to frame my shots. I am still living on a scholarship but have a decent paying job lined up. So, in the future, when I get the money I want to get goggles and replace this system with a good quality one.

I have been reading through threads for a fair while now but canít find one thread where all the critical info on how to get started with FPV is included.

I have some questions.

-What are the minimum components needed to do FPV?
-Can I fly through the LCD screen of my MINI-DV without the use of goggles? (with a spotter of course)
-Do I need a patch antenna? I donít intend to fly out of sights until I get some decent unit anyway, so I am wondering if I can live without a patch antenna for now.
-Do I need a pan/tilt in my camera? Can I frame shots and/or fly basic FPV without a pan/tilt of the camera?
-With the downlink, what exactly happens to my original AP camera? I am currently using a Canon A540 to take both videos and stills off my EZ*. Will I not need this camera when flying FPV? How about when I want to frame a photo. How does my wireless downlink cam. See exactly what the original AP camera sees?

These are a fair bit of questions, and as you can guess from them I am quite naÔve about this aspect of the hobby which is completely new to me. I am just looking for some answers to help me sort out my confusion.

Any help would be appreciated.


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