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Clark Kent
Clark Kent
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Re: A Quest about R/C boats ... please read. (Rob) wrote in om:

I like your suggestion about using a PVC pipe structure and the other
suggestion by John Mianowski. I went to the URL mentioned by John and
that gave me several ideas. The idea of using 2 small fans to make an
"air boat" is very interesting.

A few weeks ago we had some heavy rain that lasted most of the night.
During that downpour an 8 foot 2x12 board floated away from me. I did not
want to trespass on other properties to recover it although I saw it
floating in the distance. It took about 2 weeks before conditions were
right for it to float back onto my property. If I had such a RC aparatus,
I could have retrieved it the as soon as the rains stopped.

I need to do some serious study about how to control those two fans using
radio control.

I posted a photo of my pond situation at
in the folder named "public".

Thanks guys for the excellent suggestions.



> I think I might make something totally custom. It'd be a shame to
> capsize a scale boat with a bad move (R/C plane flyers call that type
> of thing 'dumb thumbs'). Staring at the ceiling, I envision a couple
> of those pool noodles or PVC pipe (capped, of course) in a catamaran
> configuration with a tag-sale 12V trolling motor. What do you think?
> You could mount a 12V battery on the platform; steering-servo power
> might be a minor issue. I think some of the trolling motors are even
> advertised as 'weed-free'. Or use 2 motors with just on/off (or
> throttle) control to steer - you've have LOTS of power The cheaper
> motors are nothing but a rheostat at the top with a tube to hold the
> motor at the bottom.....grab your hacksaw and have at it