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Originally Posted by Chris Gibbs
Any news on the new specs/features for the RAM3 Randy?
The main differences will be size, weight, and memory. The memory is being doubled so you'll be able to record for about 18 hours at the 1 sample/sec rate. Like I mentioned above, I'm trying to get the size down as much as I can and still have it easily manufacturable. Should be about postage stamp size. I fly mainly hand launch so I want a nice small logging altimeter that I can tuck anywhere.

The power supply has been improved and will work down to about 3.15 volts so you'll be able to take advantage of almost all of the energy a single LiPo cell has to offer. The little 80mAh Lipo's will be available with the appropriate connector installed. These cells are really nice and will power the RAM3 for an afternoon of flying and only weigh a couple grams.

The lead is being replaced with a small connector and the unit will be supplied with a removable lead that can be plugged in for use with rx power, or you'll be able to plug a single LiPo cell directly into the RAM3 for stand-alone operation, similar to the RAM2L (see this post:

I also fixed a small hardware quirk that made the RAM2 tricky to use with the Palm software. The guys who wrote the Palm app will be getting one of the prototypes to make sure that they interface cleanly. This will give users a nice inexpensive way to view flight profiles at the field since Palms can be picked up on eBay very cheaply and the Palm app is freeware.

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