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John Mianowski
John Mianowski
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Re: A Quest about R/C boats ... please read.

Sounds quite a bit like this:


On 7 Jan 2003 09:44:31 -0800, (Rob)

>I think I might make something totally custom. It'd be a shame to
>capsize a scale boat with a bad move (R/C plane flyers call that type
>of thing 'dumb thumbs'). Staring at the ceiling, I envision a couple
>of those pool noodles or PVC pipe (capped, of course) in a catamaran
>configuration with a tag-sale 12V trolling motor. What do you think?
>You could mount a 12V battery on the platform; steering-servo power
>might be a minor issue. I think some of the trolling motors are even
>advertised as 'weed-free'. Or use 2 motors with just on/off (or
>throttle) control to steer - you've have LOTS of power The cheaper
>motors are nothing but a rheostat at the top with a tube to hold the
>motor at the bottom.....grab your hacksaw and have at it