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Micro Blimps

Great friend and FB Greg McNair called me over to his house and said he had a surprise for me. When I arrived, he presented me with my own small blimp, filled with helium, two motors, remote control and already counter weighted so that the battery would make it neutrally bouyant. He also gave me a huge amount of supplies which I can not begin to list, but include balsa spars in different sizes and lengths, multiple sets of brand new pre-bent landing gear, multiple sets of steerable pre-formed nose gear, stick on lead weights, lots of micro brushed motors and electronics, hand carved micro wooden props for direct drive, a gondola and gear for a small rc blimp with motors attached. A large cache of male / female white velcro.. All kinds of stuff.
I was speechless and could not thank him enough. This hobby has introduced me to the best people I have ever known. Not just because my friend Greg gave me some free stuff, but because this time last year I did not even know him and since meeting him this summer, we have shared personal and professional tragedies and triumphs, we have been able to help each other in good times and tough times, and I think that so much like Vyceroy and Hippo, Lmopar 69 and Warreagle (even though I've never even met him) and so many more I have been able to share with personally and in the threads of RCG.. even JAM... LOL.. we would be good friends even if neither one of us liked this kind of stuff at all. Thanks Greg. Thanks to all of you..

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