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Re: Build, Build, Build.

"M-M" <nospam.m-m@ny.more> wrote

> How about this:
> "A Canadian RC airplane enthusiast shows us some sweet unanticipated
> convergence between a model RC airplane and virtual reality gear. It
> works like this: The airplane is a conventional one, controlled by a
> wireless remote control. On the airplane is a pan-and-tilt camera,
> controlled also wirelessly. Here's the cool part. The video is viewable
> through virtual reality goggles, which have a gyroscope built in to
> sense the movement of the goggles. When the wearer moves his head, the
> camera moves. Tragically, this is not a product you can buy, but a DIY
> project"


Yep. That is the idea. The gyro and goggles are one step more than I will
take it, but I want to add a still camera, and go bigger. An airspeed would
be a nice touch, too.
Jim in NC