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Re: Build, Build, Build.

"Robert Reynolds" <> wrote

> Shortly after that, the guys at Mike's Hobbies in Dallas put a TV camera
> on top of a trainer so it had a forward view, including the engine and
> fuel lines sticking up. They used to run a tape in the store where Bill
> was seen starting the engine and stepping away, then the fuel lines would
> blow backwards a few times as they ran the engine up. Then the plane
> started going down the runway, took off, flew for about 30 seconds, and
> crashed next to a tree. It was quite a majestic milestone of RC adventure
> in its day. I never did find out if they were flying the plane by TV
> screen or direct view...

Great story.

I should have added that I will not be flying out of sight of the plane, and
can take over control from the ground visual at any time.

I don't plan on getting as bold as to conduct landings and take-offs from TV
view only.
Jim in NC