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Re: Build, Build, Build.

"Fubar of The HillPeople" <> wrote in message
> Stepped on a sheet of ice back on the 14th of last month and developed a
> nice set of spiral fractures in both the fibula and tibula resulting in my
> very own titanium rod and a set of screws to match.
> Got time and then some for building right now but getting down the stairs
> to the garage is a major undertaking and standing at a work bench is out
> of the question.
> Huge stack of unbuilt kits and partials and I cant access any of em.
> Goin stir crazy as a result...

Damn! Finally, someone with worse luck than me!

Really, sorry to hear of your woes. I've got two back surgeries to say I
may understand a little of what you are going through.

You might find (in some part of your recovery) that if you get someone to
get a piece of plywood, a razor saw, some blades and a handle, glue and some
assorted sandpaper, you might still be able to build some.

I would work in my recliner, with the plywood resting on the arms, and have
my own portable workbench, all with my feet up in the air. You learn to get
creative, and do a lot of freehand work, and repeated checking to see if
stuff is staying straight.

Sometimes I would lay on the floor and work. I would work a bit, then roll
over and take a nap, or just rest, then go back to it.

Taking your mind off your pain is a really good thing, or it was for me.
Jim in NC