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Re: Build, Build, Build.

"Doc Ferguson" <> wrote in message
> Now is the time to build and build to your hearts content. Or should
> I say that this is saying
> in the northern states. With a windchill of 30below I can't think of
> a better hobby to get into or
> check it out. Time flies and spring will come soon enough. Then its
> payoff time to show off what you built and how well it will fly.
> Sure a guy could go out ice fishing, but there is frozen fish in the
> grocery stores and they are warm like my shop. OK, which one do I
> build first. Sometimes I might be working on a couple of static
> models and an RC at the same time. Thats OK since glue needs to set,
> parts need sanding, others covering. Enjoy old man winter and think
> of nice warm breezes and that new plane up in the sky.
> Doc Ferguson

Here's a few pics from today(feb 4th 07) at the field in Hico Tx.