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Blade CX lower rotorhead reassembly: careful with the upper set screws

Just a note for the CX/CX2 owners out there.

When reassembling your CX, do not tighten the lower rotorhead's upper set screws all the way. They're long enough that, thanks to the alignment hole in the outer shaft, they can actually reach the inner shaft.

This will couple the motion of the inner and outer shaft, eating away your horsepower with friction, reducing thrust, and greatly increasing wear. If you've recently reassembled the lower rotor head and have noticed that it takes more stick to hover, that your motors are getting hotter, or that your battery life is mysteriously lowered, this is worth checking out.

I've been doing freelance tuning of CXes in my area, and I've found telltale scoring on a couple inner shafts. Picture attached.
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