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Re: Build, Build, Build.

"Doc Ferguson" <> wrote in message
> Now is the time to build and build to your hearts content. Or should
> I say that this is saying
> in the northern states. With a windchill of 30below I can't think of
> a better hobby to get into or
> check it out. Time flies and spring will come soon enough. Then its
> payoff time to show off what you built and how well it will fly.
> Sure a guy could go out ice fishing, but there is frozen fish in the
> grocery stores and they are warm like my shop. OK, which one do I
> build first. Sometimes I might be working on a couple of static
> models and an RC at the same time. Thats OK since glue needs to set,
> parts need sanding, others covering. Enjoy old man winter and think
> of nice warm breezes and that new plane up in the sky.

Here in NC, there is almost always a weekend or two per month (all winter
long) that the weather will allow flying, without undue misery. Still, most
days the cold combined with the early darkness, makes for better building
than flying.

Yep, time to find the surface of my "workbench" so I can get something

I've been thinking of starting something completely different from anything
I have done in the past.

I see all of the videos that have these flying hydroplane boat/plane
contraptions. I like to build stuff with the "T-Lar engineering," (that
looks about right) <g> and I have been thinking about building something
like that, only for .40 glow power.

I notice that all of them I have come across use electric-LiPo power, and
are very light, and pretty small. The question that I have not settled in
my mind, is what would the dimensions have to be, for one of these to work
with a .40 engine?

Any guesses? How about material? Use the thin fan-fold foam, or use
posterboard, or even balsa and plywood, or something else I have not

Of course, part of the fun is trying to do it for practically free, mostly
from stuff sitting around the shop.

What say ye? Anyone ever kick that idea around?

I'm sure that I am not the only one to think along these lines! <g>

I also got a mini color TV camera an 2.4 gig transmitter that needs a home.
I'm thinking big size, with a Ryobi weedeater (31cc I think) with a possible
electric start, so I can shut down and restart in the air for perfect,
vibration free still pictures, at the same time. Of course, it would be
nice for the cameras to mounted on a ground controllable gimbal, to get left
and right, and up and down movement.

I think the best platform would be a high or shoulder wing design, with twin
tail booms and a pusher engine layout, to leave the whole nose with a clear
globe for the cameras to look through.

Anyone got some thoughts on that? Also, any recommendations for a pusher
prop, of around 18 x 6-10, or possibly 16 x 10, or even 20 x 4, or 3/1/2?

I have not flown, or even started this motor, after I converted it around 8
years ago. Health issues, and now I'm trying to get back into the air
regularly, again.

Not too ambitious, I hope, but I know it is. <g> OK, how about a hand
launched glider? ;-)

So, give me your thoughts on my plans, and plop your plans out on the table,
for us to kick around!
Jim in NC