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Originally Posted by hawk426
very nice comparison you've set up.
I hate to seem like I'm nitpicking, but I did notice that the width in mm for the HXT900 (cell G13) is wrong... it should be 10.668mm (at least thats what AskJeeves told me when i put "convert 0.42 inches to millimeters" )
I didn't check the others, but I just thought i'd point it out in case it was a formula error rather than a typo.


Hi hawk426,

Thanks for your comments. And yes, this does seem to be an error, but I can tell you where it came from. You guessed it, right from the distributors web site. Take a look...

Since I don't have most of these servos in my hot little hands, I have no way to take the actual measurements. That being the case, I just used the figures that the manufacturer or distributor published. If they only published in metric or English units, then I converted it to get the other figure using a handy dandy little conversion program that a chemist friend gave me. However, since I just ordered some of these servos for myself and should have them in a few days, I'll take the actual measurement then and make any needed corrections to the spreadsheet at that time.

Again, thanks for your input.


Jay B.
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