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Re: A Quest about R/C boats ... please read.

you could try one of the larger tugs like Dumas's Mr. Darbie, which is 48"
long, and make up a boom to tow arround. Properly configured, the Mr. Darbie
or any tug that size will pull a row boat with a couple people in it.
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> I think that this group is about hobby type racing r/c boats and my needs
> are along a totally different line, but I will ask it anyway. If I don't
> get a response, I will understand.
> There is a small pond in my backyard. I don't know the measurements but
> there are 5 houses on the other side of the pond and on my side there are
> only 2 houses. At this time of year, it is a lot of work to keep the
> fallen leaves cleaned off so that the water looks clean. The stream that
> feeds the pond is totally on my property so I strain the inlet with a
> piece of chain-link fence fabric but there are a some trees that drop
> their foliage directly into the pond. At this time of year, I am at the
> mercy of the winds. I just keep an eye out for a day when the prevailing
> breeze blows the floating debris down into my corner of the pond. I then
> get out with hand tools with long handles and scoop up the floating
> leaves and pine straw and cart them off to my compost pile. Several times
> this season, I saw the debris drifting in my direction, but before I
> could get organized, the winds shifted and the debris floated away from
> me. I now have the cleanup work done until springtime when the tree
> pollen with present the same challenge.
> I was thinking that I should try to buy an R/C boat fitted with a debris
> scoop on the front of it. It would probably need to be larger and
> stronger than the small model boats that I have seen mentioned.
> Does anyone have any reccomendations?
> Clark