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Wow! That really does happen!

You think to yourself, "That will never happen to me." After all, glue oneself to your plane? Come on.

Now I knew this stuff was low viscosity, runny stuff.

I was wearing gloves...mostly...

While I was attaching the top spar to the vertical spar, I took my glove off to make a little adjustment. As I was beginning to "let go," I felt the strange and pleasantly warm exotherm of a bonding reaction. When I lifted my hand, the wing came with it. I was stuck and stuck good. The surface area of contact was about the size of a pencil eraser. Funny, my finger was actually an inch away from the bonding point. I guess it wicked over and got me like The Blob.

If I pulled myself off it was going to leave some serious tissue behind. No need to put my name and phone number on this plane as there appears to be a nice DNA sample to verify my ownership

I walked upstairs with my tail between my legs and asked my wife for some nail polish remover. It was tedious work with q-tip,and after 20 minutes I was still firmly attached. Then I thought about how I had gotten stuck. I figure if the glue could wick, so could the acetone in my wife's nail polish remover. I just poured it on the spar and waited a few seconds. Sure enough I slowly worked myself free. Minimal skin loss too! Bonus!

Had I been single, I'm not sure how I would have handled this. I don't think I could have driven to the store with that thing on my hand. And the store would have never, ever forgotten. The surveillance film surely would end up on youtube. For the first time this week, I'm glad I'm married

And you know what five minutes later, I did it again!
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