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Re: A Quest about R/C boats ... please read.


Yes I do leave the leaves excuse the pun but why are you removing something
that is beneficial to the pound to start with?
Think of all the good stuff that leave do for a pound. I think you should
let nature take it course and let mother nature take care of the leaves. If
there are fish or bugs or anything living in there you are harming them by
doing what your doing. Please look on the net to see how pounds need the
humice that the leaves provide for the live creatures in there.
the link below is just a small amount of info for ponds:

If you still want to remove the leaves after all this look at or make a
float net or barricade or better yet a bladder like they do with oil slicks
but on a much smaller level.
anchor one end to the shore line and walk around the pound with the other
end until you get to were you started from. by doing this you will have
captured EVERYTHING that is on the surface of the water.

if you only want to do half the pound get a row boat or canoe and paddle you
way there.

good luck...

that's my 2 cents,, hope it helps...........

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> I think that this group is about hobby type racing r/c boats and my needs
> are along a totally different line, but I will ask it anyway. If I don't
> get a response, I will understand.
> There is a small pond in my backyard. I don't know the measurements but
> there are 5 houses on the other side of the pond and on my side there are
> only 2 houses. At this time of year, it is a lot of work to keep the
> fallen leaves cleaned off so that the water looks clean. The stream that
> feeds the pond is totally on my property so I strain the inlet with a
> piece of chain-link fence fabric but there are a some trees that drop
> their foliage directly into the pond. At this time of year, I am at the
> mercy of the winds. I just keep an eye out for a day when the prevailing
> breeze blows the floating debris down into my corner of the pond. I then
> get out with hand tools with long handles and scoop up the floating
> leaves and pine straw and cart them off to my compost pile. Several times
> this season, I saw the debris drifting in my direction, but before I
> could get organized, the winds shifted and the debris floated away from
> me. I now have the cleanup work done until springtime when the tree
> pollen with present the same challenge.
> I was thinking that I should try to buy an R/C boat fitted with a debris
> scoop on the front of it. It would probably need to be larger and
> stronger than the small model boats that I have seen mentioned.
> Does anyone have any reccomendations?
> Clark