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I tried to paste the data from PCALC. I guess I would agree with Heather that the AMPs are pretty high. If we say 100 watts per lb, (OK 220 per KG) then you want 600 to 700 for this plane anyway. For 5 or 6 cells this is 35 to 45 amps, which I would think is OK with these batteries. I had a polyquest 3s4000 12C and was very disappointed with it's longevity. It was in a plane that drew 40 amps at WOT. I am seriously thinking NIMH still for high discharge rates, since they also can be recharged in 20 minutes.

The manufacturer claims A123 cells can be fast charged, and they can support a very high discharge rate for a lot of charge cycles too. I think Killacycle, the electric motorcycle dragster may be running these cells now.
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