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Brushless GWS P-51 ROCKS !!!!!!

I installed the MiniAC 1215/16 brushless in a GWS "C" 5.33:1 gearbox and a 10X8 prop in my Reno Racer P-51.

WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With 8 1100 NiMH's it goes straight up.

AUW is 20 oz. so it likes to be landed fast, but it goes like a rocket.

Other mods include filling in the panel lines and a very smooth painted surface.

Aileron flutter is still present at high speeds, but starts at a higher speed than the stock Mustang due to the smooth finish. I will eventually replace the foam ailerons with light balsa and a heavier guage linkage to stop this.

My stock P-51 retains a scale warbird feel in the air, and this one does justice to the racing colors I have it in.

Flight pics soon.

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