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The 450 can "take a bit of wind".
I have never flown or seen a 600! But would have no doubt it is far more stable in every way.
Bigger means less wind 'ratio' to it. Like a real heli wouldn't care.
Bigger - heavier, means a more stable platform IF you want it to be. eg could be setup for high response for 3D instead. Though even then it would probably be better than a 450 stability anyway.

A 450 can fly reasonably safely at a park.
A 600 is BIG. So you are getting to a size you really want to be well away from anyone! And at a flying field really.
I have seen people fly micros around inside a 600's canopy, while it was flying!! (well, that is a bit of an exaggeration..umm, total crap really.)

600's are also VERY expensive. Not so much the basic kit, but everything it uses. Batteries! You leap up into another realm as you move up the ladder of sizes.
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