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9g (sub-micro) Servo Comparisons - v2

Hi All,

I originally posted this topic in the "Electric Airplane Talk" forum, but someone suggested I post it in this forum as well as there might be more interest in the subject here. However, if you are interested in reading the original thread, here is the link:

I appears that others may have done similar work here, but I don't know if anyone has ever attempted to rate the various servos in the 9g size catagory. To this end I have put together a spreadsheet comparing all of the commonly available servos in the sub-micro size category, or as the title of this post suggests, the 9 gram (.3 oz) weight range.

It seems to me that this is one of the most common sizes currently used by electric flyers, so I thought a comparison and ratings might be a helpful reference. I have attached a screenshot of my spreadsheet so everyone can see where I am so far. However, I can use your help in several areas to make it more complete and useful.

One, are there any servos not on the list that you think I should include? Two, are the servos I do have on the list available for a better price somewhere other than the source I already have listed? And lastly, what type of ratings would you give these servos?

As you can see, I have the last two columns reserved for the ratings, and I have had some input from the other forum so I have entered a little data here already.

I know "rating" something like servos is somewhat subjective in the absence of using test equipment, etc, but what I am looking to do is establish an overall 1 through 10 rating for the servos in question in 2 areas; Quality and Value. The ratings follow the descriptions below.

Poor = 1 - 2
Fair = 3 - 4
Good = 5 - 6
Very Good = 7 - 8
Excellent = 9 - 10

What I am asking for is your input and votes on these servos. How do you feel about these servos? Would you buy them again? Are they any good, or are they junk? Are there any major flaws or gripes that you have, such as the servo will not return to center? What is the overall value of the servo? In other words, do you feel this servo gives good value for the money spent?

If you would like to vote for your favorite servo, and rate it in the two catagories of Quality and Value, please use the above ratings system. All I ask is that you have actual personal experience with any servos you rate. You can either send me a PM or vote in the forum, your choice. Your vote would look something like this:

Sample Vote
Servo Mfg. Quality / Value
HS-55 Hitec 10 / 10

Your participation is appreciated. The more people vote the more valuable the information will be to all of us. And if there is enough interest in this type of rating information for the 9g servos, I'll press on and do the 5g servos as well.


Jay B.
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