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Lost-wax/Fingernail-Polish isn't the state of the art anymore. ePilot and myself both have heat bondable wire available now. With the heatbondable wire you just wind it around a former that it wont stick too (PTFE) and throw it in the oven*. It then melts itself together and you can remove it from the former for a super light actuator.

The heat bondable wire actuators end up a fair bit lighter than you can get by glueing yourself. The wire factory has added JUST the right amount of bonding agent to do the job and no more. When you glue yourself you always have to put on an excess to make sure you dont put on too little.

ePilot has the heat bondable wire in 0.05 and 0.03mm sizes (I think - his website doesn't show them). I have the heat bondable wire in 0.071, 0.051, 0.031 and 0.025mm size (and my website doesn't even have a shop active yet so I can't moan about anyone)

I also will have a custom winding service available. For a small tooling cost you can tell me the specs of a coil you want. I will then spit out that sized coil for you for a few $ a pop.

*Winding and throwing in the oven is not optimal. You should really have a stream of hot air being directed on the wire as it is wound. The oven option will however work fine for you guys at home.
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