Thread: Question Slow-G / Slow Stick angles?
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Originally Posted by del
A couple of nights ago I got Ari's Slow-G rotor system built.
(Great design...)

Then I started trying to come up with a fuselage and tail
of my own design. That's when I hit the wall of my own ignorance.

I don't own a Slow Stick, and even though they are relatively
inexpensive, I have little desire to buy one. And, so, the questions...

In email, Ari mentioned the need for a bit of down thrust.
That's easy if you're scratch building. But what I still don't know
is what the angles of incidence between the wing and stab, and
the Slow Stick fuselage are.. Are they 0 / 0? Or is there
some positive incedence built in?

the front wingpost is 1 centimetre higher than the rear wingpost and they are about 30 centimetre apart. Downthrust is 0, which leads to nose up under full throttle. I changed that.
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