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It seems that the tail feather are thinner and more delicate than the EasyStar's. When moving elevator, the entire tail tries to twist. I made some mods with some thin carbon fiber flat rod that I had left over from other projects. I basically cut the elevator and rudder off, trimmed and sanded the mating edges, and glued cf rod to leading edge of the rudder and the elevator, then reattached with hinge tape (Blenderm). I took off both sets of landing gear/wire then ran a strip of packing tape down the belly, on the leading edge of the main wing and the horizontal stab. Also some packaging tape on the bottom outer part of the main wings (part that can touch ground). I also added a thicker flat cf rod to bottom of the fuselage to keep fuse from twisting in the back. I also barrel taped (with reinforced tape) the motor pod. I ended up have to add some weight in the tip of the plane to get balance close to where my EasyStar is. Does anyone know what the CG is????
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