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Garry P
Garry P
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Re: Nearly another 'how to tune my engine' question

I have less than half a gallon through it! Probably not even that!

My description of the noise is probably not too good - it is very difficult
to describe. It does not *exactly* sound mechanical so I don't think it is
the sleeve etc but then I do not know how to check it.
I have checked the compression by pushing the flywheel with my finger - both
when cold and hot (the flywheel gets pretty hot too!) and it is quite
difficult to push round one revolution. The compression is less though when
The Rustler is much easier to turn than the MAXX or 4TEC but runs the best
at the moment! The MAXX also runs very strong when cold...

What do I look for if I do take the engine apart?

Thanks in advance


"TempestNightmare" <> wrote in message
> The clacking sound makes me think either the piston and sleeve are worn,

> the con rod is trashed.......
> Jon