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First trim flights

I got four packs worth of flights in the Yak this morning. I can see I have some work to do... this precision flying is HARD. I am used to a more "free form" flying style. This F3P stuff is going to be a great opportunity to improve my flying skills.

I need to to fix/tune a few things before the Saturday session.

I have a little too much up thrust on the motor (I climb when adding power).
Need a bit more aileron throw and much less elevator.
I popped out a wing brace during a minor cart wheel... a little glue will fix.
Tore off one of the Depron wheels. I think I need to make something stronger.

Well... first impressions.

I have plenty of power for pattern maneuvers, but a lot less than my Kestrel and other 3-D foamie. You actually have to "fly" this little guy.

The Yak flys nice and slow... especially considering my altitude, 7000'. It was fun to fly simple landing patterns or figure eights about six inches off the ground. I got a couple tip drags too.

Inverted flight was not comfortable, but OK considering the thrust and elevator issues.

I was able to fly nice round loops (not as good outside-thrust issue?)

I could hover... with good but not rocketship punch out.

Slow rolls and point rolls were OK, but not perfectly axial. I am sure that is mostly me. At slow speed it is very easy to see your mistakes!

I tried most of the F3P-A maneuvers and managed to link a few together.

I flew knife edge about as well as I have ever done... not saying much. My rolling circle was pretty sloppy.

I did some power off negative and positive spins from the top of the dome and could comfortably get three spins. (it's not F3P, but fun)

All in all I am very satisfied with this plane. It more than enough plane for my skill level. I look forward to many fun flying sessions.

Here is a shot of the Yak in the NAU Dome. Our club, Flagstaff Flyers, has just received permission to use this site. It feels like a lot of room in our "little corner." It will be down right humongous when the basketball court gets pulled up!
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