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Opinions vastly differ. In my past experience, basically here's how it works. The smaller the scale plane, the less scale it is. Bigger tailplane, larger wing tips,....etc. Larger planes like 1/3 scale and up, more closely resemble the full size . Now each mfg has their idea of scale. Some believe that a general scale looking plane, but modified to have better handling (no nasty tip stalls, gentler pitch authority and all), will generate more customer base. Others stick to strictly scale and believe if you can't handle it, you shouldn't be flying it!! Again, given two similar models of the same size (e.g. ASW-24 at 1:3.75 scale) from different mfg will look some what different. One is more scale than other. I've noticed most people don't care if a plane it's slightly out of scale. Then again some people want exact scale and end up flying it with no pilots in the cockpit...How scale is that??? It's all up to what YOU want.
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