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Originally Posted by tommyt
Is this pretty much every ones opinion?


You know what they say about opinions

There are at a minimum 3 definitions for "scale"

(1) Webster's, 2 a : to arrange in a graduated series b (1) : to measure by or as if by a scale (2) : to measure or estimate the sound content of (as logs) c : to pattern, make, regulate, set, or estimate according to some rate or standard : ADJUST <a production schedule scaled to actual need> -- often used with back, down, or up <scale down imports>
intransitive verb

(2) A Contest's definition, AMA's for example can be found here.

(3) Your own definition. My definition is mine and I don't know if anyone else agrees with it or not. However, I've designed and sold several thousand (sorta scale) PSS kits over the years I suppose at least a few modelers like my definition .

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