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Originally Posted by Peregrine Falcon
Hi all!
Now, I'm not sure what a 'reversed piro, head-up-tail-down with a difficulty level of 9.99' exactly is -- hopefully, Diggs will send us some video -- but I tried full foward then a quick back without clash! There definitely seems to be greater response and faster forward/backward motion. I have not changed the airleron pin holes (yet).
LOL, that is funny dude. I have no cam so no video to send. The reverse Piro is pretty simple to do, and has a cool nose up effect. Start a piro, kinda slow, then reverse with throttle. Throttle to keep the elevation and the reverse will kick the tail down and nose up. so the bird will be spinning at an angle kinda like this \, well maybe not that steep, but certainly an angle.

Originally Posted by Peregrine Falcon
Then all the mishaps started to occur. The first broke a lower blade so I tried trimming it to 5.75" long -- I used a stationery belt/disc sander. The disc makes quick work of the blade. Tried the new lower baldes, heard a couple of clicks when the blades clashed. Did I stop to shorten them? Of course not Like an idiot, kept flying until BANG Why don't we ever learn? Well I beat the heck out of blades and the heli came crashing down. So, 5.75" appears too long, I'm sticking with 5.5" for the lower blades and leave the uppers alone.
How did you break the first blade? Strike or accident? Good info on the disc sander, might have to try that out. I might give the 5.75 on both top and bottom and see. But I realy dont want to try this till blades come back in stock at the LHS.

Originally Posted by Peregrine Falcon


My Common Sense batteries came in. They don't fit very well and I'm not about to cut up the CX2 fuselage! For now, I wrapped a pair of rubber bands around the 'short wings', under the body and cradled the battery there. It's a quick fix and doesn't appear to change the flight characteristics. And, it was real easy switching the pins on the connector.
I think I am sticking with the DN power batts and Mega Power too. I love the way the DN's fit the heli, perfect, very snug. The only draw back to the Mega power is the size. Just a bit too thick for my comfort level, but for the price they rock. And I don't mind taking out the spacers, they don't get that hot on me. Thanks for sharing that info man, good to know. I might still get a couple. I think they will fit the other heli like a champ and they are so cheap. How was flight time?

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