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Reducing BLAD CLASH by shortening lower blades

Hi all!

I finally had the opportunity to fly my CX2 outside with the shortened lower blades. They were originally 6.125" long, they are now 5.5" long.

I didn't have any blad clash at all!

Now, I'm not sure what a 'reversed piro, head-up-tail-down with a difficulty level of 9.99' exactly is -- hopefully, Diggs will send us some video -- but I tried full foward then a quick back without clash! There definitely seems to be greater response and faster forward/backward motion. I have not changed the airleron pin holes (yet).

Then all the mishaps started to occur. The first broke a lower blade so I tried trimming it to 5.75" long -- I used a stationery belt/disc sander. The disc makes quick work of the blade. Tried the new lower baldes, heard a couple of clicks when the blades clashed. Did I stop to shorten them? Of course not Like an idiot, kept flying until BANG Why don't we ever learn? Well I beat the heck out of blades and the heli came crashing down. So, 5.75" appears too long, I'm sticking with 5.5" for the lower blades and leave the uppers alone.

Blade Balancing:

I'm sorry to repeat this, but for those that don't know, make sure your blades are balanced! I had to replace one of my upper blades (Saturday was not a good flight day for me). When I started up the blades, the heli vibrated worse than it ever did - with just the upper blades spinning. I took off the flybar, straightened it out. Still vibrated. Took out the inner shaft, checked it. Still vibrated. Took off the flybar and the inner shaft again. Still vibrated. Then I decided to check the balance of the upper blades.

I read somewhere to take to mugs and place them next to each other. Place the two blades together and let them straddle the mugs on each ball joint. The one blade swung way down! Then I noticed there are numbers on the base of each blade -- one was a "2" and the other a "3"! The two was much heavier. In the new bag of 4 blades, two had "2" and the other "3". After I paired them up, hours of frustration trying to eliviate shaking were gone!


My Common Sense batteries came in. They don't fit very well and I'm not about to cut up the CX2 fuselage! For now, I wrapped a pair of rubber bands around the 'short wings', under the body and cradled the battery there. It's a quick fix and doesn't appear to change the flight characteristics. And, it was real easy switching the pins on the connector.


Well, hope all this helps someone. You folks have helped me a lot, I'd like to try and contribute what I can.

Have a great evening!

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