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thanks for your comments. I'm already thinking about what can be done with my now lighter equipment.


the IR emitters and sensors are matching items "Made in Germany" by Vishay-Telefunken, not Panasonic, and are available from Uncle Conrad. The datasheets tell that the IR emitters are high-performance ones and that the sensors are especially good in filtering out unwanted stuff, like daylight(!), tungsten light and fluorescent light. The transmitting distance with one(!) IR emitter is said to be up to 35m, so by using several of them we should be on the safe side. I will make some experiments on this and will keep you informed.

The weight of one sensor (most of the legs removed) is 0.2g. These sensors are available for a carrier frequency of 33, 36, 38, 40 and 56kHz, unfortunately the 56kHz type is not carried by Conrad, but perhaps this will even enable us to use more than one IR control system at a time! I will also make some experiments on this.

The system shown in my picture is amazing, you are not able to break the connection by covering the emitters or sensors by your hand or by pointing the emitters away from the sensor. I did not make transmission distance trials yet, though.

The Conrad ( item codes:

-emitters: TSAL6200, #171140-62, 0.56EUR each (5 pcs or more)
-sensors: TSOP1838, #171115-62, 1.51EUR each

Yes, I also like to use my real Tx with all the bells and whistles (v-tail mixer and so on). The crystal can be removed, so the Tx will not send, no disturbance of other modelers.

I'll keep you informed.

Regards, Jochen
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