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Well I'm back on the Outrunner version.
I want to build it using a small 24gram, 1300Kv, single, before I build a Esskay version, then a Walkera 180 version.
The Wild Wing-Lite(non-boomer) I built, I cut the wing down by 3"S and it seemed I should go a bit more, so on the W-Cat Boomer, I cut it down by 4"s and the rx hole was just a bit tight, but not bad. So on this one I cut it down 3.5"s and that looks good so far.
I've got the wing halves glued together and the booms in, but because this motor is a bit faster, I glued the booms in at 4"s. I had some yellow depron left so I used it for the elevons, but I got to figure out the tail.
I'm looking at a couple different ways to mount the outrunner on a composite tube, to keep it simple, I may just zip-tie it and put a dab of glue to keep it from wanting to spin. I think I'll again use the Pico servos to keep it light and a Berg 4L. I'll post some pics when I get it closer to looking like something. Butch
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