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Originally Posted by DiggyDiggs
The outer shaft somehow slipped down, to correct this I removed the inner shaft and all the lower rotor mounts and swashplate. Finally got it to slide back into place and put everything back. now I am getting this very odd movement when I try to hover. No tail drift really, but it wants to go forward but after a few seconds stop then the nose will yaw slightly left, then right and the entire heli will drift/strafe to the right. It is pendulum like in its timing. It seems as if I am off balance. Stabilizer bar is straight, not too tight.

I wonder if I have seated the swashplate wrong in some way, or if the pushrods and servos are out of whack somehow. I have adjusted the pushrods to decrease this some, but that leads me to believe it is either the servo levers or the swashplate. I did remove the levers (ones with the holes) when I adjusted the pushrods. And I did accidentally move them some when I was working on it. How do you calibrate them? Or do you? Suggestions on what might be causing this?

Tips or links to another thread where this info exists would be appreciated. I will keep hunting and tweaking, but thanks for any advice.

When my shaft came loose, I reseated the swashplate improperly as well. In fact I still haven't quite gotten it back in perfect (too much forward motion currently so I must have some forward tilt). It seems to me you just have to move the lower blade holders up and down (w/ the plate attached) until you can eyeball it to be level.

If someone has a better idea, PLEASE let me know I'm sittting at full backwards trim and still have to pull back a little to prevent forward drift.
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