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Good day with the BCX2

Earlier in the week I received a pair of the mega power 15C lipos from Helidirect, I of course charged those bad boys up pronto and went out to test them out. Tested them outdoors at the elem. school near the house under their large lit canopy entrance, kinda sheltered from the wind. But due to my poor depth perception and the distance I was from the Heli, I put the rotor into a pillar. While I had it apart to make repairs I did one of the tweaks I saw here with the push rod position. Moved them both up one hole and replaced another of those plastic inner shaft/stabilizer bar holders. Well, took it outside again, and too much wind really, but tested. Big difference in the ability to fly into the wind, and I could tell it was much more responsive. Plus I had one of the new Mega Power Lipos in. Well I should of set her down when the wind kicked up, but didn't, and had a fairly soft crash. Another Pillar, but the rotors had all but stopped and the heli sat down a little hard, but I have set her down much harder before. No visible damage, but I picked her up and took her home to the garage. First time I lifted off, found she was really off. Took most of the day to resolve the TB effect I was getting, but she is smooth again. Finally, I just finished up a back to back pair of packs and got approx 23-24 minutes of flight time.

The 15Cs are nice. Punchy and strong. I got too aggressive with it and made a hard turn, reversed my direction and hit the throttle. CLACK, the upper and lower blades hit and it snapped one of my lower blades. WOW. Replaced the LWR blade and put in the e-flite pack. I couldn't duplicate it with that pack. The new positions on the push rods really make a difference and in combo with the 15C's its significant (for me at least).

Also my DN Power LiPo charger arrived!! Go!! I was a little angry with them earlier this week since my order had not shipped, but once I gave them a call, they really stepped up and got it to me pronto. I am most impressed. I should have called earlier, they are good folks and strive to make their customers happy. Will do more business with them in the near future.

I also burned a pack trimming out the heli today. Burned the little holes in the canopy to get to the pots, makes it nice and quick. She hovers even better now. And my Phoenix RC simulator software arrived!! Yay, get to crash and burn on a real CP tonight once I get it up and running

Learned alot today about trimming and working against the TB effect. Was good to finally work everything out myself.

Anyway i am all stoked and rambling. So far had very good experience with the info I have found here and with the online stores I have dealt with. really stepped up to the plate and wanted to let everyone know since they deserve it. Also and have done well too. All good outfits. I will try to get some accurate flight time comparisons between the eflite and mega power batts this weekend, but having too much fun flying to really mess with it at the moment

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