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I'll try to get the bulkheads and keel/tray and ballast box going tomorrow. The fuselage will be built upside down on it's top, and the controls will all be worked out before the bottom stuff is applied. There's triangle stock longerons in the aft fuselage, and the bottom sheeting will be cross grained to help with torsion, a bit. It'll still have carbon bonded lengthwise... There's a little something different in the forward fuselage. The tringular bracing will be there, but the wood grain will go diagonally across the joint, to strengthen it. The ply and bass will be more than strong enough without adding longerons. However the fuselage will get lots of sanding forward, too. That makes that joint thin and week. A piece of triangle stock isn't strong along it's grain, so it will split easily. With the grain diagonally across this 90 degree joint, even if all of it is sanded away, the sides and bottom will still be strongly attached to each other by this diagonal-grained, continuous gusset. It bends easier, too, so it'll follow the bendy bottom coutour.

Gents, as funny as it may sound at the time... don't tell your wife it could be used as a club... ... for obvious reasons... More of that safety and health stuff, you know...
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