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Originally Posted by golem
More than for any other plane I've flown there I have people stop to watch it and actually asking me to fly it CLOSER to them! Later they approach and remark at how quiet,
Originally Posted by golem
as intended!

Wait, no... don't say it - DON'T SAY IT!!!!
Originally Posted by golem
and cute it is in the air.
D'oh!!! You said the plane is "cute".

Okay, you didn't actually say it - other people did. Ha! It's okay - it is a cute little bugger, I think.

Originally Posted by golem
The only changes I've made since the first flights has been to add another strut between the fuse and upper wing. This served two purposes; One was too stop forward and aft movement of the upper wing which introduced twist in the lower, second was it helped eliminate entirely any additional span-wise flex.
I did use carbon fiber rod on the LE of both upper and lower wings on my Depron foam wings to counteract this, but a center strut would produce the same result, and probably be a tad lighter.

Thanks for the additional report, golem! I flew mine a couple weekends ago and did okay with it, but a wind gust picked up as I was landing and it, which flipped it over onto the asphalt and subsequently ripped off the upper wing and struts. Not a problem - a little epoxy and she'll be flight-worthy again in not time.

Glad you enjoy this plane - I'm truly humbled and excited you enjoy it as much as you do.
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