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Tony Jeffree
Tony Jeffree
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Re: PCB etching service

On Wed, 03 Jan 2007 20:22:09 GMT, Russell <> wrote:

>I've done this with glossy inket paper as Tony suggests and I've done it
>with stuff marketed for the purpose (toner transfer paper).
>In my experience you can waste time and money finding a brand of inkjet
>paper that works well and peeling the toner transfer paper is orders of
>magnitude easier.

I looked at the Maplin transfer paper when I started messing with this
technique and decided that at 15 for a pack of 5 sheets it was a tad
on the expensive side. Happily, I struck paydirt first time with the
cheapo "PC-Line" Classic Glossy Photo Paper, which worked well for me
as a transfer paper and also does double duty for its original
intended purpose. Comes in 50 sheet packs for about the same price

Granted, you have to work slightly harder to remove the paper backing
after ironing on, but we're talking a mater of minutes difference in
my experience.